So, what do I do?

A social media manager? A graphic designer?
A dancer? A choreographer?

Bethan Trueman

Let's be real...

For a long time, I struggled to give a short answer to the above question. I've always been multi-passionate, with strong interests in dance and digital marketing.

As a child I was either dancing and creating choreography, or sat at the computer writing stories and creating graphics.

After a long time of trying to find the right balance, I finally got there, and I now run two sets of sister brands in two different industries - dance and digital marketing.

[Side note - I have my awesome husband doing this all with me, too!]

We're award winning

I was named Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

I jointly won the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Award at the 2019 MTM Awards along with my husband, for the work we've put into building our company.

We are incredibly grateful for this award, and it prompted me to start my blog and Youtube channel in the hopes of inspiring others to also do what they love.

Bethan Trueman | MTM Awards


(For those of you who are still scrolling... thanks!)


I have a crazy work ethic and usually start my day at 4-5am


I'm either in high heels or trainers, there's no in-between


I'm a lover of early mornings, personal development, and all things gold


I love helping others - helping other business owners, helping people to be their best selves, I thrive off that stuff!

That's enough about me

Let's grab a coffee and have a chat, I want to hear about you!

I'd love to chat and hear all about you and your business!

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