Makeshift Home Office Ideas

Makeshift Home Office Ideas

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing the UK to go into lockdown recently, many people all over the country are adjusting to homeworking. My guess is that many of those people didn’t already have a dedicated home office set up, so I can appreciate that the adjustment to home working may be quite disruptive.

So, here are some makeshift home office ideas that you might find helpful if you’re currently trying to make space to work from at home.

You might have to get creative and think outside the box if you’ve not got a spare room or a space that you can turn easily turn into a home office. Having said that, I hope that these ideas help to inspire you when organising your own space!

#1 Use a rug to define spaces

Image source: Pexels

If you’re having to fit your new home office into a living room or bedroom, a simple tip is to place a rug where the office space will be to help define the different areas of the room.

#2 Use a ladder shelf unit

Image source: Argos

A ladder shelf unit is a great choice for a small or temporary desk area as it provides a small desk space and storage. As it leans against your wall, it’s quite slimline and so space can easily be made for one, even in the tiniest of rooms!

#3 Use a hanging organiser

Image source: Ikea

Use a hanging organiser to provide extra storage and minimise items on your desk.

#4 Create a dividing wall

If you can get your hands on some Ikea units or bookcases, you can create an easy dividing wall to separate your room into different spaces.

#5 Utilise the space under your stairs

Image source: Pinterest

If you have space under your stairs, it’s a potential new desk area if you’re willing to move some things around. Another idea is to use a built-in cupboard or some space in a larger wardrobe if you can spare it.

#6 Double up your space

Image source: Pexels

If you can make the sacrifice, you can use your dining table, dressing table or even breakfast bar as a temporary desk.

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