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I spend most of my time working with businesses, startups, freelancers and personal brands.

Bethan Trueman

My promises to you

A perfectionist by nature, I take [a LOT] of pride in what I do and I care not only about by clients, but their business and brand too. I love supporting them and watching their brand grow!

Take a look at my core values...


To execute, take action, and get things done. This is what drives results!


To adapt and get creative. There's no micro-management around here!

No hard sell

To not sell but to actually give value for free without expecting anything in return.


To be totally reliable, honest and transparent in order to build and maintain trust.

Problem Solving

To take responsiblity, action and to always find a solution. To do, rather than talk.

Virtual / Digital

I spend most of my time over at Commercium Solutions offering virtual solutions and digital marketing.

I help businesses and personal brands with their branding, social media and content.

Commercium Solutions is the sister brand of True Design & Print, and together we offer all-in-one digital marketing solutions including graphic design, social media management, web design, printing and written content.

Bethsn Trueman
Bethan Trueman | Dance & Choreography | MADE Dance

Dance / Choreography

I co-founded MADE Dance in 2016 which is now part of Trueman Enterprise Group. I originally trained as a dancer and before founding the business I worked as a freelance dance teacher and choreographer for 10 years alongside my other work.

I still take choreography and teaching projects on the side (it's my hobby, after all!) and I also have an awesome team of other dancers available to do the same!

How it works

Keeping it simple.

I don't offer 'consultation calls', as such. This is because I'm not here to sell to you, I'm here to offer advice and make suggestions based on my professional experience. You can go ahead and book a discovery call with me, but expect no sale pitches - just honest, free advice!

If we decide we're a good fit...

Free Advice

I'll listen to your business needs and advise you as best I can, totally free!

Proposal Pack

If we mutually decide we're a good fit, I'll send you a no-obligation proposal pack.

Get to Work

We'll sign a contract to protect us both, and we'll get to work!

Want to chat to me about how can I help you or your business?

“Start before you are ready, don’t prepare to plan or plan to prepare”

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